Tool Gives Developers Data Visibility

Tool gives developers visibility into data for both legacy mainframe and distributed enterprise systems.

Neon Systems Inc., which makes adapters for access and integration of data from mainframe and legacy systems, announced Monday a new product that provides data visibility.

ShadowConsole offers application developers visibility into data for both legacy mainframe and distributed enterprise systems.

Essentially, ShadowConsole is a management, monitoring and debugging tool that monitors the performance and availability of composite applications, which integrate application platform suites with mainframe data and transactions.

In other words, ShadowConsole provides an in-depth view of a companys middleware component, from the initial API adapter call in the application suite to the backend data or transaction source in the mainframe, officials said.

ShadowConsole is an extension of Neons Shadow technology. It consolidates information from the Shadow Client interfaces and data from the Shadow Server.

ShadowDirect provides the infrastructure of unbundled mainframe adapters for integration projects, while ShadowConnect provides integration on a one-to-one basis through individual mainframe adapters.

For companies using Shadow adapters, adding the Console provides a view of both ends of the mainframe adapter in time-sequenced context, according to officials in Sugar Land, Texas.

At the same time, because ShadowConsole data is shown using a GUI [graphical user interface], it allows both mainframe and non-mainframe oriented developers to identify and resolve problems that may come up during the development and production cycles.

The new console provides automatic monitoring, via system alerts and exceptions that are forwarded and integrated with existing network management systems.

Available now, ShadowConsole can be deployed with J2EE and .net platform suites.