Tools Aim to Ease Data Warehousing

New offering from Core Integration automates the building of baseline data flow diagrams and data models.

Core Integration Partners Inc. on Monday rolled out its rapid deployment suite, consisting of RapidMAP and RapidMODEL. The offering combines consulting services with two software wizards that automate the building of baseline data flow diagrams and data models.

RapidMAP helps developers automatically create basic source-to-target mappings that can then be integrated into Informatica Corp.s PowerMart and PowerCenter data integration platforms. After source systems are identified, RapidMAP generates XML containing mapping information for all identified source-to-target relationships.

Officials at Core Integration, a Denver company that provides business intelligence, data warehouse and data integration services, estimate that these tools can shave up to 70 percent or more off development times by automating what are typically tedious processes done during the construction of a data warehouse.

"About 60 percent of a data warehouse project is spent doing the [extraction, transfer and load] portion," said Daniel Linstedt, Core Integrations chief technology officer. "By using RapidMAP, we have shortened this piece dramatically so we can spend more time doing business analyses and other, more important project functions."

RapidMODEL can be automatically applied in stage area modeling, data warehouses and data marts. When new modeling efforts are required, the processes can be reused.

RapidMAP and RapidMODEL can be used in conjunction and are compliant with major software that uses XML to define process flows, including Informatica, Oracle Corp. databases and Microsoft Corp. SQL Server.

Core Integration also launched RapidEIS, a rapid deployment tool created to speed the development and improve applications for an Executive Information System under the Brio.Query product.

RapidMAP and RapidMODEL are due out Jan. 15 and will be available from Core Integrations consulting practice. Pricing will vary on job size. RapidEIS 2.0, available immediately, is sold as a stand-alone product.