Vembu Launches SyncBlaze, StoreGrid Cloud Platforms for MSPs

The StoreGrid Cloud backup service automatically protects data on Windows, Linux and Mac environments.

Vembu Technologies, a provider of cloud-based data protection and content management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs), managed hosting providers (MHPs) and value-added resellers (VARs), announced the release of StoreGrid Cloud, a secure managed backup service with a focus on business continuity and disaster recovery for physical and virtual environments. The company also announced the release of SyncBlaze, a content management solution designed for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to store, share and sync business content.

The addition of StoreGrid Cloud expands Vembu€™s data protection offerings by providing a solution for small businesses or remote offices that are looking for centralized storage for their backup and disaster recovery requirements. The StoreGrid Cloud backup service will automatically protect data on Windows, Linux and Mac environments with full support for point-in-time recovery of business applications, databases and virtual platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, VMware and HyperV.

€œWith the release of StoreGrid Cloud, Vembu is reinforcing its commitment to provide its partners with a range of solutions to support on-premise, cloud and hybrid data protection architectures,€ said Sekar Vembu, CEO of Vembu Technologies. €œStoreGrid Cloud leverages the power of the cloud to help our partners provide a cost-effective, managed hybrid backup and disaster recovery service to their SMB customers.€

Mark Gilbert, CEO of Marin Helpdesk, said many of their SMB customers do not want any infrastructure associated with backup, but they still want all their applications protected with the ability to recover rapidly in the event of a disaster. €œStoreGrid Cloud helps us to provide a cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solution with a flexible delivery model supporting on-premise, cloud or a hybrid solutions.€ Gilbert said.

SyncBlaze offers businesses a secure workspace for effective team collaboration and is designed to enable productive knowledge sharing. The solution provides an intuitive user interface that promotes collaboration and allows real-time access to business documents. Vembu said the goal is to provide SMB users with a flexible and robust content management system while enabling administrative control for partners.

€œThe release of SyncBlaze represents a new cloud-based content management solution that is designed for the needs of SMBs and offered specifically through the channel,€ he said. €œVembu is reinforcing its commitment to provide its partners with a range of solutions to support the strategic areas of sharing, managing and protecting business content by leveraging the cloud,€ added Vembu.

SyncBlaze provides a searchable cloud-based repository for all user content, including desktop documents, Google Apps documents, emails, notes, bookmarks, and social and embedded media. Content on SyncBlaze can be shared and universally accessed through a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

€œOur customers are looking for cost-effective solutions to manage their critical information while sharing and collaborating through the cloud. They need a robust service that glues together an intuitive interface with rich functionality and universal access on their device of choice,€ said Ravi Bandara, president of Axium Host. €œCloud content management in the SMB market is exploding due to the increased productivity and collaboration that it enables; SyncBlaze helps our customers to improve their operational efficiency and regulate information overload.€