Verari Introduces Blade-Based Storage Subsystem

The new subsystem for the company's BladeRack 2 blade server platform offers higher storage density and fully featured storage and server management.

ORLANDO, Fla.—Blade server maker Verari Systems Oct. 31 introduced its BladeRack 2 VB5150 Storage Subsystem, which uses a new architecture to address a broad set of network-attached storage requirements in both the high-performance computing and enterprise markets.

The San Diego-based company introduced the new system here at Storage Networking World.

The VB5150 is the first in the family of Verari Systems BladeRack 2 blade-based Storage Subsystems designed to provide a high-density NAS platform and still sport a low-acquisition cost, David Driggers, founder, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Verari, told eWEEK.

The VB5150 allows flexibility in deploying storage modules, which could appeal to a broad category of customers and is well-suited for applications requiring low-cost-per-terabyte, high-capacity network-attached storage, he said.

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"We see the VB5150 Storage Subsystem as ushering in a new era in NAS storage," Driggers said. "We have advanced the design of the BladeRack 2 compute clusters and have integrated the VB5150 systems into a high-density, energy-efficient architecture. This will enable customers to store more data, in less space, improve data center efficiency and reduce the overall total cost of ownership for their NAS systems."

The VB5150 Storage Subsystem is made up of a VB1150 Head Node and four VB1055S Disk Blades. The Head Node contains the NAS I/O processing, a RAID controller, and the power and connectivity to the four VB1055S Disk Blades.

Each VB1055S Disk Blade houses 10 SATA II (Serial ATA II) or SAS hot-swappable hard drives (40 total per VB5150 Storage Subsystem), providing a total capacity of 30TB per VB5150 Storage Subsystem.

Twelve VB5150 Storage Subsystems can be deployed in a single BladeRack 2 platform, providing a total capacity of 360TB in a single rack while requiring only 7.6 square feet of floor space. Similar to Veraris other blade offerings, the VB5150 can be mixed with other compute and I/O blade offerings in the same BladeRack 2 rack, allowing for greater flexibility.

The VB5150 Storage Subsystem is specifically designed for the BladeRack 2 platform and incorporates the patented vertical cooling and efficient power utilization of the BladeRack 2. The VB5150 Storage Subsystem can be centrally managed along with other Verari Systems BladeRack 2 compute and I/O blade offerings through the recently announced Verari Command Center management software.

Veraris client list—which numbers more than 4,000—includes Akamai Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Lucasfilm, Northrop Grumman, Qualcomm, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Veritas DGC and Walt Disney Feature Animation.

More information is available at Veraris Web site.

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