Verizon to Provide Online Backup to SMBs

Verizon will now offer online backup to its SMB customers, protecting them from viruses and system crashes.

Verizon Communications announced on Dec.5 the launching of Verizon Online Backup, a broadband product that will allow small and midsize businesses to protect company and customer information.

Verizon Online Backup allows business users to back up files to an online storage space where users can retrieve the files anytime, as long as he or she has access to the Internet.

The new product will also let the SMB user enable automatic backups, which will allow users to protect files and documents from common problems such as hardware failure, natural disasters and human error while also providing security during transmission and at an online facility.

"Every chance we get, we roll out key products and services that make it easy for our small- and medium-sized business owners to focus on their business and avoid having to worry about details like how to safeguard the data stored on their computers," Colson Hillier, director of broadband products for Verizon, said in a company release.

The Verizon product targeted at SMBs also features a collaboration tool that enables users to indicate files that will be shared with others in their contact list so that their colleagues or clients can have access to these files.

The collaboration tool provides a link to the file along with a password, which is sent through e-mail to the contact, who can access the file from the Web site. This tool can be managed by date or by the number of times it can be downloaded.

"I think our customers will find this product particularly useful because theyll never have to e-mail large files again," Hillier said.

Verizon Online Backup blocks range from 1GB at $3.99 per month to up to 50GB at $39.99 per month, as information can be backed up and restored from several PCs.

There will be no extra charge for setting up sub-accounts that allow backup space to be designated to individual users within a company.


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