Violin Memory Launches First Multi-TB Cache Storage System

vCACHE combines NFS caching software from Gear6 and DRAM into Violin's bread-and-butter NAND Flash Memory Array.

Cache-based storage specialist Violin Memory on Nov. 16 unveiled vCACHE, a new solid-state array that the company claims has the first multi-terabyte capacity Network File System cache.

vCACHE combines patented NFS caching software from Gear6 -- a bankrupt storage company with progressive technology that Violin acquired earlier this year -- and DRAM into Violin's frontline NAND Flash Memory Array.

The result is the industry's first multiterabyte-capable, cache-based storage array, Violin CEO Don Basile told eWEEK.

vCACHE systems work alongside new or legacy network-attached storage (NAS) arrays by centralizing massive pools of memory that serve data 10 to 50 times faster than spinning disks, which helps eliminate I/O bottlenecks and hot spots, Basile said.

High-speed arrays like these are designed for vertical markets such as software and electronic design, energy and exploration, media delivery, information analytics, databases and video animation/production.

Violin's vCACHE can expands to 15TB of usable cache and delivers more than 300,000 NFS operations per second over eight 10GbE ports, Basile said. Traditional NAS filers need about 2,000 disk drives to deliver similar performance, he said.

Violin's vCACHE systems are available now and priced starting at $40,000, Basile said.

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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