Virtual Machine Backup: Is Your Organization Doing It Right?

SPONSORED INFOGRAPHIC: Data backup systems are an important component of reliable virtual machine environments. Here is what to look for when selecting a backup solution.

Given the many advantages that come with virtualization, it's not surprising that virtual machines (VMs) have been a growing presence server rooms. The ease of management, smaller footprint, and reduced power and cooling needs that a virtual infrastructure brings to organizations has resulted in a virtualize-first attitude in many data centers.

Like any technology, virtualization is not without its complications. Backup, in particular, remains an issue for many organizations. VMs have far more data on them than their unvirtualized counterparts. As a result, it is even more critical to back up VMs. However, backing up VMs is more challenging, as traditional, agent-based backup and recovery solutions are designed for dedicated servers and are not nearly as effective in virtual environments.

This infographic explores what functionality organizations should look for when selecting a virtual machine backup solution and the backup practices that should be employed.

Virtual Machine Backup Infographic