Vizioncore Adds FlashRestore to vRangerPro

Vizioncore's FlashRestore technology makes virtual machine backup images immediately available by booting them directly from the vRanger Pro repository.

Virtualization data protection and management solutions specialist and Quest Software subsidiary Vizioncore announced that FlashRestore technology would be available later this year as an add-on to its back-up and restore product, vRanger Pro. FlashRestore technology handles image-based recovery by making Virtual Machine (VM) back-up images available by booting them directly from the vRanger Pro backup repository.

Recovery of entire VM images often wastes time because the entire Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) file must be copied from the backup repository to the hypervisor system over the network and depending on the size of the file and network traffic, the recovery process can take hours to complete.

"In-place recovery technology, the ability to resume operations while data is being copied back to the primary storage location, is the next critical need in the virtualized data center," saidGeorge Crump, lead analyst for Storage Switzerland. "Image- based backups have simplified the data protection process - and now dramatically simplify the recovery process by eliminating the time required to restore the VM across the network. The ability to resume operations from the protected copy while the original VMDK file is being restored can eliminate RTO windows, providing the ultimate payoff for investments in Backup 2.0."

Integration with the vRanger Pro GUI console enables the use of FlashRestore capabilities for administrators along with backup, replication and other recovery features, while GUI integration with VMware Storage VMotion helps simplify the use of vSphere capabilities for administrators. In addition, VM boot access offers users immediate application availability, so that users can return to work without waiting for the VMDK file to copy across the network-- enabling them to begin VM restore and then move on to other tasks without having to wait to reconnect end-users to applications.

Mike Coffman, DVP of virtualization management for Quest Software, said modern business demands uptime over anything else - the promise that systems can be used by employees whenever and wherever they are needed and that business processes are at minimal risk from unnecessary downtime.

"We are providing an advanced look at FlashRestore for vRanger Pro because it empowers IT to deliver on that promise," he said, referring to a demonstration of vRanger Pro with FlashRestore planned for VMword later this month in San Francisco. "By bringing immediate restore technology to vRanger Pro image-based recovery, the impact of system outages on end-user productivity is dramatically reduced and the process of bringing systems back online is faster and more simplified than ever before."