YouSendIt Corporate Suite Provides Secure, Easy Managed File Transfer

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YouSendIt Corporate Suite Provides Secure, Easy Managed File Transfer

By Wayne Rash

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The most basic means of using YouSendIt is through its Website. This requires nothing of the user beyond a browser and Internet access, but you lose some features such as the ability to send entire folders, and it's somewhat slower.

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YSI Express

Perhaps the most common means of sending with YouSendIt is the YouSendIT Express application that you can install on your computer.This expands a few options and allows you to attach entire folders.

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YSI Folder

You can attach an entire folder along with individual files. This can make the file transfer more convenient if you have a lot of files to send.

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Plug-ins for MS Apps

YouSendIt includes plug-in features for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and Adobe Photoshop, among other applications. They're all free, and they allow you to send files from within the applications. Here the Microsoft Office plug-in appears on the Files menu, when you click on the "Send" tab.

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Sent Items

If you want to confirm whether you actually sent a file to someone, the Sent Items tab will present a list of everything you've sent lately so you can find out. Note that the Corporate version of YouSendIt (which was the test platform) allows you to insert your company logo into the page.

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Files Tab

There's also a "Files" tab on the YouSendIt Website that lets you confirm exactly what files have been sent at one time or another. You can get details of when and how the file was sent by clicking on the icon.

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Fetching the File

When you receive a file, you're given a link to a Website. When you follow the link, this is what you see first. The page gives you the details of the sender and the message that the sender included with the file or files.

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File Download

Choosing to download the file takes you to another page where you can actually start the download. Note that the page also includes the branding that is supported by YouSendIt.

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