Zantaz Acquires Singlecasts Data Classification Technologies

Zantaz and Singlecast will continue working together to provide businesses with data classification software.

Zantaz announced Dec. 11 that it has acquired data classification, policy management and supervision technologies from Singlecast.

The two companies have been partners for more than two years through a licensing agreement that gives businesses compliance review tools for the Zantaz Enterprise Archive Solution, but now Zantaz will use technologies developed by Singlecast across its archiving product line.

Under the agreement, Zantaz, of Pleasanton, Calif., is acquiring the technology assets of Singlecast and will retain the companys employees, including the founder and president of New York-based Singlecast, Andrew Joiner.

"We look forward to being a part of the Zantaz team, providing customers with the most time-efficient, cost-effective method for performing what is considered to be some of the most imperative functions of reviewing, discovering and storing electronic content," Joiner said in a release.

"The acquisition of the Singlecast technology was spurred by the evolving needs of our customers across all industries who, in the face of massive volumes of electronic information, are seeking ways to streamline under one vendor the risks and costs related to the review, discovery and storage of this data," Steve King, president and CEO of Zantaz, said in the same release.

Zantazs content archive will allow businesses to classify data before it is stored, helping to reduce the risks that come with generating data while also helping businesses meet the timeframes put into the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which will allow businesses to use retention policies and detect responsive data.

Along with Zantaz, Singlecasts technology uses monitoring and behavior analysis with online review and workflow.

"Bringing this technology in-house expands our ability to embed it as a key component of our content archiving and electronic discovery solution set, which will enable organizations to use automated, policy-based archiving to more efficiently manage the content they archive as well as better prepare for discovery," King said.

Joiner said, "Singlecasts technologies are an ideal fit with Zantazs commitment to deliver the industrys most comprehensive content archiving and electronic discovery solutions."


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