10 Versatile Devices Not Made by Amazon That Support Alexa

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10 Versatile Devices Not Made by Amazon That Support Alexa

Installation and use of Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant has soared in the past year, according to data from researcher Verto Analytics. That’s due in large part to the success of the company’s line of Echo devices. But Alexa is running on many more products than just those built by Amazon. And some of those devices come with effective features that make users more productive at work and smart homes smarter. Alexa doesn't have to just work in the home or office, however. The virtual assistant can go on the road with users through in-car devices such as the Logitech ZeroTouch. Fashion designer Guess has also found a way to add Alexa to its smartwatch design. This slide show will look at the many ways Alexa is bundled in popular devices built by makers besides Amazon. Read on to learn more:

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Control Home Temperatures With Ecobee 4

The smart-home company Ecobee has an Alexa-enabled thermostat called the Ecobee4. The device can control both heating and air conditioning in the home, and learns user behavior to ensure comfort throughout the day. With Alexa, users can adjust the temperature, get the news and set timers, among other features.

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Huawei Mate 9 Smartphone Puts Alexa to Work

China-based Huawei supports Amazon Alexa in its big-screen Huawei Mate 9 smartphone. The device, which runs on Android, comes with Alexa support out of the box. From the handset, users can ask Alexa to control their smart home, make calendar appointments, check on sports scores and much more.

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The Cowin DiDa Bluetooth Speaker Runs on Alexa

For those looking for a Bluetooth speaker, the Cowin DiDa is worth a look. The device, which can connect to smartphones, tablets and other devices, plays music from a slew of sources. With Alexa support, users can ask the speaker to play music services or the news and even order a pizza.

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Vobot Brings Alexa to the Alarm Clock

A small company named Vobot has joined the Alexa fray with a smart alarm clock. Users can ask Alexa to set an alarm and stop sounding the alarm when they get up. The service also can play the news when users wake up. Using the device, users can interact with Alexa to turn lights on and off and manage other smart-home devices.

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Guess Offers Alexa in a Smartwatch

Guess is one of the few smartwatch makers to integrate Alexa support. With the Connect smartwatch, users activate Alexa by tapping on the device, then can play the news, interact with third-party apps or skills and set calendar events.

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Invoxia's Alexa-Controlled Speaker Looks Like an Old-Time Radio

Invoxia offers a portable Bluetooth speaker that looks like an old-fashioned radio. But what’s inside is a big speaker and support for Amazon Alexa. With Alexa support, users can choose the music services they want to listen to, including Spotify and Amazon Music, and ask Alexa a host of questions. Users can even control the smart home from the device.

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Alexa Goes for a Ride With Logitech ZeroTouch

The Logitech ZeroTouch is a hands-free car mount that supports any Android handset running Android 5.0 or later. When users place their smartphone on the mount, the ZeroTouch app activates, providing them hands-free control over their device. Alexa then can activate the phone, create calendar events, set to-do lists and more. The device doesn’t support music streaming or Alexa calling and messaging, however.

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Fabriq Adds Alexa to Bluetooth Speaker

Fabriq is an alternative to the high-end, high-priced Sonos speakers. The device connects to music sources via Bluetooth or WiFi and can be placed around the home. Each device can play different music in each room, or tracks can be synched. With Alexa support, users can request different music services, control smart home devices and more.

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The Diminutive Jam Voice Speaker Interacts With Alexa

Jam Voice is one of the smaller products in this roundup. The small, portable speaker has controls on the side so users can manage music playback and connects to devices via Bluetooth. Like its competitor, the Amazon Echo, users can interact with Alexa and do everything from search the web to control smart-home devices and play music.

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Nucleus Adds Alexa Support to the Home Intercom

The Anywhere Intercom from smart-home company Nucleus is designed to improve communication around the home. The device, which supports two-way communication and video conferencing, includes Alexa support. Users can make audio and video calls with the system by telling the service to “call” other parts of the house.

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Amazon Echo Show Touch-Screen Helps Improve Smart-Home Functionality

The Amazon Echo Show proves that a smart-home hub without a touch-screen isn't an option anymore. But Amazon could have done a more imaginative job with device design.