Container Security, Management Advances Grab DockerCon EU Spotlight

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Container Security, Management Advances Grab DockerCon EU Spotlight

New security and management tools highlighted the big container developer event, as developers, users and vendors gathered to share what they are doing with Docker.

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DockerCon EU Remembers the Paris Victims

The DockerCon EU event started off on a somber note, with Docker founder and CTO Solomon Hykes (who created Docker while living in Paris) remembering the victims of the tragic event that occurred in Paris the Friday before the event.

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1.3 Billion Dockerized App Downloads Since January

Docker popularity has grown this year, with 1.3 billion apps downloaded from the Docker Hub repository since January.

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Open Standards Effort for Containers Is Growing

The Open Container Initiative, which is run by the Linux Foundation, is a multistake holder effort to build a common container standard. Ben Golub, CEO of Docker Inc., said there are now more than 35 member companies as part of the effort.

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Free YubiKeys for Everyone

Docker gave away a YubiKey hardware encryption key to everyone at the conference. The key is now enabled by Docker to provide hardware-based key signing for Docker images.

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Quality Matters

A core focus for Docker founder Solomon Hykes is quality. He emphasized that without quality, tools aren't usable.

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Docker Universal Control Plane Provides Enterprise Control

Docker Inc. announced the Universal Control Plane technology at the conference as a new platform that can help enable containers as a service, with enterprise policy control and management integration.

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Containers Are in the Game

Electronic Arts is now working with IBM to enable its cloudcell mobile gaming engine to run inside of Docker containers.

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Maker Challenge Engages Developers

Among the activities available at DockerCon EU was a Maker Challenge that used the LittleBits Internet of things (IoT) kit to build a Docker controlled device.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Microsoft, Intel All Platinum Sponsors

The exhibit hall at DockerCon EU included some of the biggest names in technology today as big vendors embrace the container phenomenon.

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Dockercraft Merges Docker With Minecraft

One the big demo highlights of DockerCon EU was the new open-source Dockercraft project. Dockercraft enables users to manage Docker containers inside of a virtual Minecraft 3D block world.

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Next Stop: Seattle in 2016

The next DockerCon event is set to be held June 20-21, 2016, in Seattle.

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Correcting Persistent Myths About Virtual Volumes

Containers, virtual machines, virtual disks, virtual volumes—virtual storage in all forms can be complicated to parse as to which is most effective in a particular IT system. We won't try and cover all of them here, but we will examine vSphere Virtual Volume (VVOL) and try and dispel some myths. VVOLs are composed of an out-of-band communication protocol between VMware vSphere and storage. They allow VMware to associate VMs and vDisks with storage entities. They also enable vSphere to offload some storage management functions, such as snapshots and clones, to storage. This offloading allows virtualization administrators to get the same performance and scalability through the VMware tools as they expect to get through their storage. The VVOL API defines the interface between vSphere and storage, but it does not change the underlying storage architecture. The scale and performance of a storage...
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