Containers Gain Fans: From Finance to Entertainment Worlds

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Containers Gain Fans: From Finance to Entertainment Worlds

At the recent Tectonic Summit, the focus was on container innovations. In addition to new approaches, the CoreOS event highlighted container use cases.

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Why Open-Source Software Matters

CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi kicked off the Tectonic Summit by reminding attendees why open-source software matters. In his view, one of the quickest ways to change the way the world works is with open-source software.

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Distributed Trusted Computing Comes to Containers

The biggest announcement from CoreOS during the Tectonic Summit event was the Distributed Trusted Computing initiative. With Distributed Trusted Computing, there is a cryptographically secure attestation of all elements of a container deployment stack.

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Cloud Native Computing Foundation Pushes Ahead

Craig McLuckie, senior product manager at Google, emphasized the critical role that standards and collaboration play in open-source software development. For containers, one of the key organizations is the newly formed Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which has the Google-created Kubernetes container management technology at its core.

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Intel Announces Snap

Jonathan Donaldson, vice president and general manager of the Software Defined Infrastructure Group at Intel, used his time on the Tectonic Summit stage to announce Snap. Snap is a plugable open-source platform telemetry framework that is able to collect and expose data about underlying infrastructure that is running a cloud environment.

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Dex Provides User Identity for Cloud Native Applications

Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, discussed the various open-source components that help to enable containers in the cloud. Among them is the Dex user-identity engine that CoreOS has developed.

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Flocker Helps Manage Container Storage

Managing data storage across stateless containers is a challenge that ClusterHQ is hoping to solve with its open-source Flocker container storage technology.

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ISE Uses Containers to Power 150 Million Messages a Minute

Paul Morgan, systems architect at the International Securities Exchange, detailed how the organization is using CoreOS and containers in the latency-sensitive and performance-demanding options trading environment.

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Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Consider Containers

J Ram, global head of cloud platforms at Goldman Sachs (left), and Ryan Thomas, head of architecture and technology strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, detailed how their firms are looking at container use.

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Viacom Entertaining Container Use

Michael Venezia, senior director at Viacom, explained how his organization is using containers, including moving to a container-based infrastructure.

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Container Security, Management Advances Grab DockerCon EU Spotlight

Few technologies are as hyped today as is the open-source Docker container ecosystem. At the the DockerCon EU conference in Barcelona, Spain, held Nov. 16-17, developers, users and vendors from around the world gathered to not only learn more about Docker, but to also demonstrate new technologies and talk about what's next. For Docker Inc., the lead commercial sponsor of Docker, the event was an opportunity to highlight its next big commercial service, the Universal Control Plane, which provides enterprise-grade deployment and management capabilities. Meanwhile, one primary topic of discussion in multiple sessions was security, with new capabilities announced including hardware-based key signing for application images as well as enhanced control of applications through user namespace policies. Docker isn't just about Docker Inc.—it's a broad ecosystem of vendors, with IBM and Hewlett Packard...
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