Convirture 2.0 Unlocks Virtualization Potential of Linux Operating Systems

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Convirture 2.0 Unlocks Virtualization Potential of Linux Operating Systems

by Jason Brooks

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Management Console

Convirt 2.0 Enterprise provides administrators with a straightforward Web interface for carrying out the configuration operations required for deploying virtual instances in production.

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Converting Red Hat VM

The product didn't recognize RHEL's VM format, although I found a conversion script on Convirture's forum that enabled me to bring my existing instance under management.

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Live Migration

I could live migrate my VM back and forth between my test hosts.

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Network Bridging

It took me some time to work through the differences between Convirt's bridging setup and one I'd created in my RHEL review.

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VM Provisioning

The product ships with a handful of basic templates, for CD-based installs of Windows and Linux clients, and for paravirtualized installs of Linux.

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VM Lifecycle

Convirt Enterprise includes facilities for scheduling the de-commissioning of VMs.

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VNC Console Access

I viewed the consoles of my virtual machines through a VNC connection piped through the Convirt management server.

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Workload Management

Convirt 2.0 Enterprise includes facilities for shifting workloads among available hosts based on power management or load distribution rules.

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