Flash UI

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Flash UI

rPath X6 sports a Flash-based UI, which manages to pack a good deal of system administration detail into its series of tabs and collapsible menu lists.

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vSphere Target

I connected rPath X6 to the vSphere installation in our lab, and found that I could launch new instances of pre-existing VM templates.

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Appliance Images

I tested with VMware and Amazon EC2 images, but rPath X6 supports a handful of others, including those for Hyper-V, XenServer and KVM.

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Platform Support

rPath X6 supports CentOS 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Window Server as platforms for building software appliances.

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Deploy to EC2

After getting my appliance in order on our local vSphere installation, it was easy to create and upload a version of my image to Amazon EC2.

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Package Import

I added the latest version of Wordpress to my test appliance by supplying the URL to the most recent archive of the project's code.

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Appliance Configuration

Appliances set up for configuration pick up controls in the X6 interface for manipulating config file variables and scripts.

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Configuration Setup

To enable the configuration tab in the X6 interface, I first had to create a package of XML and script files to carry out the configuration operations.

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