Kace V-KBox 1200 Manages Both Virtual, Physical Machines - Page 2

How the V-KBox Worked

The V-KBox is managed via a Web user interface that is clean and simple. From the home screen I got an at-a-glance overview of my client status, including the number of systems under management, the software security threat level and the number of management tasks under way.

The inventory screen provided me with some of the most useful information, including what software applications, running processes and services were present on my managed systems. The inventory system and all the other features provided by the V-KBox could be sorted to show only machines in certain IT-defined groups. I was impressed with the completeness of the software inventory information.

In addition to inventory, the V-KBox provides rudimentary software distribution (the KBox 2000 family provides sophisticated operating system and application deployment tools), patch management, scripting tools that assist with system management chores, an adequate help desk trouble ticket system and a well-populated reporting facility.

Version 4.3 of the V-KBox 1200 shipped Jan. 19 and lists for $8,900, which includes the appliance and the first 100 managed nodes.

Technical Director Cameron Sturdevant can be reached at csturdevant@eweek.com.