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Theres been a lot of hoopla made over how will VMware charge for vSphere licenses. Heres a look at what youre buying.

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Relationship Map

After the in-place upgrade of two vSphere 4.1 ESX hosts to vSphere 5.0 and ESXi, here is the relationship map view of our infrastructure.

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vCenter 5 is more talkative about configuration issues. In this case one of the ESXi hosts wasnt configured to send events to the syslog server.

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VMFS-3 to VMFS-5

Theres a big change in the file system that comes with vSphere 5. Much of the block sizing headaches are gone. And the file system can be updated with VMs online.

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VMFS5 part 2

VMFS-5 is not supported by hosts with an ESX version older than 5.0.

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Familiar Welcome

A familiar welcome screen with a new twist; it will be possible to use a Linux-based vCenter appliance to manage the vSphere 5.0 environment.

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