Newcomer Delphix Launches First Virtualized Database Platform

Delphix is now shipping the first server that can create virtual copies of databases to run concurrently on disk. This opens up a whole new world for database administrators.

Servers, storage, routers, applications -- even I/O -- have been virtualized for data center systems and are now providing IT managers with huge improvements in administration and production quality.
But not until startup Delphix officially emerged Sept. 14 at the DEMO Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., have databases been virtualized to become as portable as those other data center mainstays.
Delphix is now shipping the first server that can create virtual copies of databases to run concurrently on disk. This allows database administrators to duplicate an entire database -- no matter what size it may be -- compress it and then run it on the Delphix server.
In short, this new-generation server enables any Oracle database to be set free, yet tethered to operational duplicates for upgrades, fixes and routine maintenance -- yet not consume server and storage resources. This changes the whole idea of the formerly intractable enterprise database.


"Delphix turns database infrastructure into software that operates in a fraction of the space, while preserving its full functionality and performance," Delphix founder and CEO Jedidiah Yueh told eWEEK.
Delphix virtualizes the data blocks and logs that make up a database, allowing them to be shared across virtual software copies instead of the redundant hardware copies that most organizations have to make. Most businesses make seven to nine copies of every production database, according to analysts and Delphix customers, Yueh said.
Storage consolidation a big factor
Because it compresses so much structured data, Delphix figures importantly in storage consolidation. Rather than create redundant copies of infrastructure, Delphix creates a single virtual environment, where multiple VDBs can be instantly provisioned or refreshed from a shared footprint. The software coordinates changes and differences in the background without compromising functionality or performance, Yueh said.
Yueh told eWEEK that his current customers see a 10 times reduction in database storage costs.
There's more. Not only does Delphix release production databases for more agile usage, but the newfound freedom it brings also stands to promote much better relationships among storage and database administrators, whose priorities often clash.
You can't normally buy that in-house psychology with mere software, but Delphix is giving it a legitimate go.

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