Precise Launches New Virtual Appliance for TPM

Using the server-based Precise Virtual Appliance, IT managers now can manage private cloud applications in a short amount of time, thanks to an automated deployment approach.

Data center software management specialist Precise on June 2 launched an upgraded software package aimed at accelerating the transaction performance of enterprise applications, many of which are struggling to handle larger and larger data sets as time goes on.

Using the server-based Precise Virtual Appliance, IT managers now can deploy a new-generation version of transaction performance management to manage private cloud applications in a short amount of time, thanks to its automated deployment approach.

Unlike previous generations of application performance technology, which require the provisioning, deployment and configuration of a new server, the new Precise Virtual Appliance simply downloads, gets named, and then is made available to the network, Assaf Sagi, product manager for Composite Applications at Precise, told eWEEK.

Too Good to Be True?

Sounds almost too easy to be true. This type of application performance management is not simple to do correctly.

"The trouble with transaction performance management is that the transactions that need to be monitored usually span multiple applications and systems," wrote longtime IT analyst/journalist Mike Vizard in his blog. "As such, deploying a transaction monitoring system is inherently complex. And yet without one, many IT organizations wind up trying to sort through reports from dozens of different tools in order to get an approximate idea of actual transaction performance.

"The folks at Precise want to take the headache and guesswork out of transaction performance management with the release of their new managed service."

The increasing use of virtualized machines has made virtual appliances popular because they are relatively easy to handle. With the new Virtual Appliance, users can become productive with basic TPM metrics within hours, Sagi said. The software is particularly useful to customers with dynamic private cloud applications because it gives them more agility, Sagi said.

Precise's Virtual Appliance does not require any special/additional hardware and infrastructure; it supports physical, virtual, cloud or hybrid environments with one solution; and it offers unified management and administration of all frameworks in a cloud system.

Twenty-year-old Precise, based in Redwood City, Calif., has about 1,500 customers worldwide, Sagi said.

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