VMware Releases New vSphere Control App for iPads

New SpringSource-developed vSphere Client for the iPad is now available for immediate download at the Apple App Store.

VMware has a present for all those data center managers and virtualization admins who would like to do at least part of their work on an iPad.

VMware on March 18 announced a new SpringSource-developed vSphere Client for the iPad and made it available for immediate download at the Apple App Store.

Using this new app, managers can view key performance metrics, monitor the performance of host servers and virtual machines, and perform other essential tasks in a simplified interface wherever they may be, on a 24/7 basis.

The vSphere Client for iPad serves as a companion interface to the traditional vSphere client; the only difference is that it is optimized for managing a vSphere environment from the popular tablet device.

Go here to read a view of the VMware client for iPadby eWEEK's Cameron Sturdevant.

iPad users can do all the normal things they do from the standard VSphere desktop/laptop interface, such as start, stop and suspend virtual machines, reboot them or put them into maintenance mode, VMware said.

"We see a world where employees own multiple devices and switch between them during the course of a day," VMware marketing executive Srinivas Krishna wrote in his blog. "Our strategy is to allow users to leverage any device any time to run any app so they are more productive."

To view a demo of the new app, go here.

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