VMware Updates Workspace ONE to Include AirWatch

Adding lots of new functionality enables enterprises to connect previously siloed data stores, cloud services and mobile management platforms.

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VMware, which bet $1.54 billion on acquiring AirWatch three years ago, has been busy ever since putting that company's intellectual property to work in new and different ways.

The world's largest virtualization software provider on March 14 unveiled updates to its Workspace ONE product that cram into that platform such functions as application and access management, unified endpoint management (AirWatch) and virtual application delivery (Horizon). We're talking a lot more functionality in one far-reaching application.

The new additions extend to including Apple Watch, VMware said.

The idea is to help enterprises connect previously siloed data stores, cloud services and mobile management platforms in order to enable all corporate employees to get onto the same corporate page and stop spinning their wheels finding business apps, information and contacts.

Aim is to Simplify Usage of WorkSpace ONE

To accelerate adoption of useful corporate digital workspaces, VMware with this new update claims to be simplifying the experience for both IT and line-of-businsess users with Workspace ONE. The product offers unified access and a single sign-on experience to Intranet applications that use Kerberos certifications or HTTP headers; they also offer richer conditional access capabilities that combine real-time security practices with compliance automation.

Updates to the AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management portfolio will improve support across OS platforms for mobile (iOS, Android), desktop (Windows 10, macOS), purpose-built (ruggedized) and IoT endpoints to simplify provisioning and end-user onboarding, VMware said.

Key highlights of newly introduced access management and security capabilities include:

--One-touch mobile SSO across applications with unified access control: The updated Workspace ONE solution will enable a new single control plane across cloud, native and intranet applications. Using the new VMware Unified Access Gateway with Kerberos delegation capability, users can access intranet applications using device biometrics and certificates securely stored on the device to experience seamless single sign-on.

--Multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Apple Watch: Secure MFA can be extended to the Apple Watch to enable users to authenticate their identity right from their wrists, taking advantage of mobile moments for increased productivity.

Key highlights of new unified endpoint management capabilities include:

--Expanded support for Windows 10: AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management has new granular OS update controls that overcome the challenges of off-network patching and the rigidity of the new Windows Update as a Service branches. A new dashboard will provide real-time visibility into installed patches for compliance and reporting. Advanced BitLocker management capabilities will enable hands-free data protection at rest and unauthorized access to company data without the need for any additional third-party encryption management tools. New integration with Windows Store for Business will offer online licensing, making it easier for IT administrators to deploy any Windows Store applications from a customized Workspace ONE company store catalog.

--Secure Android for enterprise: AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management will help strengthen Android adoption in the enterprise by delivering a turnkey end-user experience while streamlining the setup and security of applications and devices for IT. Organizations will be able to easily onboard devices into a work managed mode and streamline application deployment with tighter Google Play integration and automate application permissions and configurations for end-users. Additional app-level password policies will enable sensitive business applications with added security and meet two-factor authentication requirements.

--Real-time threat detection and access control remediation for Windows: AirWatch integrates with VMware TrustPoint to augment Windows endpoint security and environment best practices. The integration automates threat detection with dynamic endpoint remediation, which emables admins to define compliance policies within AirWatch that take automated actions on compromised devices as reported by TrustPoint. The solution allows accelerated compliance, real-time threat containment and customizable remediation policies that can adjust to threat levels.

--Advanced rules engine for purpose-built endpoints: The new rules engine for purpose-built devices will enable IT to automate remote actions using rules or conditions (battery, time, adapter, memory and connectivity status) set in the AirWatch console. This device-based rules engine is designed for specialized industries and use cases in warehouses, manufacturing plants, oil rigs, and hospitals that use ruggedized endpoints.

For more information on Workspace ONE and AirWatch, go here. AirWatch 9.1 and updates to Workspace ONE are expected to become available in Q2 2017.

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