VMware Validates E-Mail Security Appliances for Zimbra

The VMware Ready Mail Security products offer Zimbra customers e-mail security software that has been pre-validated to work with the e-mail and collaboration platform.

Eight additional security vendors have signed on to offer e-mail security products for Zimbra e-mail and collaboration platform, said VMware on Oct. 28.

The virtualization vendor expanded its VMware Ready Program to include SpamTitan Technologies, Halon Security, InBoxer, Proofpoint, Sendmail, Softnext Technologies, Symantec, and Trend Micro, according to the company. The VMware Ready products from those vendors extend the Zimbra platform with a virtual appliance that runs on top of VMware vSphere, VMware said.

"Security has always been a top priority for VMware and Zimbra customers, and we're now able to bring best-of-breed email security vendors to those customers in a simplified, reliable way," said John Robb, senior director of Zimbra products and marketing at VMware in a statement.

The VMware Ready Mail Security products offer enterprises simplified e-mail security that is easy to deploy, support, and integrate, VMware said.

Under the VMware Ready Mail Security Program, customers can acquire e-mail security virtual appliances that have been pre-selected for compatibility and interoperability with Zimbra for better functionality. The pre-validated security applications reduce the costs and headaches of integrating security products on to the mail system, VMware said. Cloud-capable enterprises are up and running with an integrated mail and security system faster and easier, without disrupting the rest of the organization, VMware said.

Under the program, VMware Ready Mail Security partners receive full access to the mail platform and best practices information for development and deployment, the company said. The partners also get the latest technical information, "early access to future requirements" and learn about upcoming Zimbra products and enhancements so that they can develop accordingly.

Zimbra's open platform makes it easier for partners to integrate third-party products, VMware said.

"We listened to the security needs of our customers and developed this program to leverage VMware vSphere to provide simple, powerful security solutions from a variety of leading vendors," said Robb.

Symantec Brightmail Gateway is a VMware Ready virtual appliance running on VMware vSphere, said Rob Greer, senior director of Symantec. Zimbra customers can deploy Brightmail Gateway in about 20 minutes, he said.

The SpamTitan Virtual Appliance from SpamTitan would eliminate the need for "unwieldy hardware" and give customers "unparalleled flexibility, versatility and capability" that is also affordable, said Ronan Kavanagh, SpamTitan's chief executive officer, in a statement.

Other VMware Ready Mail Security virtual appliances include the Interscan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance from Trend Micro, Virtual SPAM Prevention from Halon Security, InBoxer Intelligent Message Archive from InBoxer, Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy from Proofpoint, Sendmail Sentrion MPV from Sendmail, and SPAM SQR from Softnext Technologies.

Zimbra is VMware's open source e-mail and collaboration software with an AJAX user interface, streamlined administration, and advanced mobility features. The open source edition is free, and a network edition is priced based on the number of mailboxes needed per year. Zimbra launched its own VMware vSphere-based virtual appliance last quarter.

Often hailed as a potential Microsoft Exchange killer, Zimbra was acquired by VMware from Yahoo for an undisclosed sum in January this year. Yahoo originally scooped up Zimbra for $350 million back in 2007.