VMware vSphere 4 Raises the Virtualization Bar - Page 2

Performance Monitors

Tests at eWEEK Labs showed that VMware has succeeded in bolstering physical and virtual machine performance monitors. Some of these changes are as simple as the addition of an "overview" button to the host performance tab that shows a variety of system measures-such as CPU, memory, disk and network utilization-in charts simultaneously.

It's now much easier to move among performance charts by clicking on thumbnails to get detailed information about components on individual data centers, clusters or hosts. And another nice touch is the addition of context-sensitive information that is a button-click away from each data chart.

It's good to see VMware exposing the performance data in this way. IT managers who have extensive nonvirtualized systems may want to look at third-party tools from companies such as BMC that integrate virtual and physical-only system management to get a complete picture of data center performance.

In my tests, I was able to spend only a few minutes with the vCenter Orchestrator, which is a workflow automation tool. As I build out the vSphere test infrastructure, I'll be reporting on how Orchestrator works in managing the deployment and configuration of systems in the VMware infrastructure.

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