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Who cares what Sun thinks? I have one Sun Ultra 30, and hey, Sun should be king of Unix, the one doing Unix right. They have been working with it since the dawn of Sun, right?
Wrong. Solaris is very possibly more stable than OS X, and it perhaps runs better on SMP machines with oodles of processors.
But when it comes to getting things right, Sun is, despite its long lead, some steps behind Apple. I was surprised to find out that Solaris still enables telnet login by default, and that SSH is an optional install in Solaris 8. It should be the other way around, as in OS X. (They have sort of fixed this in Solaris 9—pretty late, if you ask me. And their webjump installation program really is among the worst installation programs on any *nix today. Dont have a network cable connected to the Ultra 30 while starting a freshly installed Solaris 8? Oooops! Be prepared not to find any Ethernet interface, even if you try to add one via ifconfig. What if you connect the cable to a hub? Ooops! Still no home Ethernet; you really need either to fiddle around a bit or reinstall. What if you install Solaris on that Ultra 30 again, in another place with no router to the network, just an hub? Be prepared for the fun of having the installation program stall, since it really wants you to have a router out there somewhere. It can be fixed via some params to the installation program, but hey, should such thing happen these days? In short, I really look forward to Apple getting into the drill and pushing Sun, because Sun sure needs some competition to get better. (Its ironic that Cobalt, owned by Sun, was started by ex-Apple veterans like Mark Orr.) Orjan Larsson

Somebody at Apple (probably Jobs) is finally saying "Lets enter these markets and compete and not worry about reprisal from the other players." Lets hope they are finally in a position to do so. Now if they would write generic TWAIN drivers like they did for digital cameras (pre-iPhoto), all would be right with the world. Doug Haker
Haker Design

Its about time. [The ads are] very good. However, Apple doesnt show the product! Why not a brief glimpse of the iBook or iMac or TiBook at the very end? In the two-page print version, they show the computer in question. It wouldnt hurt to do so on the TV ads. Peter Kline

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