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You start off your column by suggesting that Apples recent announcements of new hardware might somehow get them above 5% market share, without mentioning that this would mean the totally unbelievable feat of doubling their current market share in a relatively short time.
Then in the very next paragraph you go on to dream about getting their market share into "double digits", which of course would mean (though you again fail to mention it) another (totally fantastic) doubling of their market share from the dream world level that you previously postulated.
This isnt journalism, and it isnt analysis; it is only cultism, pure and simple. You are nothing but another Apple cultist, and the very fact that you will deny this is only proof that you are sucked so far into the cult that you cant see it. Either that or you are a total fraud. Either way, not one that any rational person would pay any further attention to. You may "run" my e-mail as long as you do not include anything that would identify me or my email address in any way. I dont want to be hearing from a bunch of your fellow cultists. Name Withheld by Request
Its going to be an interesting six months or so. Apple has been making all the moves that pundits and fans have been asking of them for years and going us one better in many areas. The question is whether this makes any difference or not. Is there any potential for real growth for Apple, or is the Wintel lock-in something permanent? I think the best thing they have done is focus on each market separately: informatics, film/multimedia, education, Unix, developers, servers, home and now "switchers." They seem to have a coherent set of tools and a marketing plan tailored for each group. On the negative side, there are some speed issues on OS X combined with the lagging G4 development. However, evidence is accumulating between various hardware and software buyouts that Apple is seriously targeting the professional video/film market, which requires more horsepower than just about anything else. If they come out with a killer video coprocessor, address some of their audio deficiencies, and get either Motorola or IBM to provide them with an accelerated G4/G5 ramp, just about any criticism will be void. But what if they do all of these things and still fail to grow the platform? What if Dell continues to low-ball their way through all of Apples education market? What if Windows entropy and the IT bureaucracy continue to slowly weed Macs out of the corporate marketplace? What if USB 2.0 kills off Firewire? All these things are possibly beyond Apples control, no matter what they do. So the next six months will tell, I think, whether Apple has control of its own destiny or not. They are making all the right moves—its up to the marketplace to say whether its enough. Mark Stewart

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