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Thanks for giving me an opportunity to vent. The new CPU speed of 1.25GHz (and only a 20 percent increase in gigaflops) is again a lame upgrade, as it was last January.
I am anxious to upgrade, but I want some beef on the bun. Using old chipsets, ATA 66 and marginal speed increases is not what I want to get for my four grand, which is what my system will cost. (Thank goodness for the new audio inputs, though!)
If you look at some of the sites that have run benchmark testing, the DDR in the current architecture seems to add virtually nothing to the overall performance of the machine. I have wanted to upgrade for nine months. I want to do video editing and burning. I was ready (really, not simply rhetoric like so many!) to purchase this August. 1.4GHz might have been enough to put me over the top, but this current round is lame. Again. And this comes on the heels of the .Mac fiasco. Lets hope Jaguar turns out to be a good thing (and my scanner and CD-RW will work!) Mark Rougeux
As a seasoned Mac user/purchaser, I know the drill: Dont buy before a Macworld Expo, and beware of rebates. And despite what Apple thinks, I depend on the "rumor" sites for news. You have to dig for it, but its better than the tea leaves Steve would have us use. On the basis of this "illegal" buzz, I was poised. Ive converted the last of my dongles to USB. Even purchased a Marathon desk mount in preparation. I was really disappointed by the "bumps" and even more by the underwhelming benchmarks on Bare Feats. The absence of [Motorolas new PowerPC G4] 7470s on a motherboard they seem clearly designed for makes these machines feel like stop-gap hacks. So Ill wait for more benchmarks and shakedown observations. Unless something dramatic surfaces, Im leaning toward picking up a Classic dual-gig: established design, 300 bucks less, and the RAM is cheap. Its not like I can upgrade the CPUs on a new dual-gig, so Ill wait until these motherboards have the right CPU and a new chassis ... At least, thats what the rumor sites are promising! Randy Gates
Tucson, Ariz.

I think all of this howling about bus speeds and processor speeds is freakin ridiculous. The G4 started out really far ahead of Intel, but Motorola wasnt able to keep up in megahertz like we all hoped they would. However, they had such a lead for a while it didnt matter. Now I think they are still pretty much on level with the PC doing graphical things—they just dont feel as snappy in the interface because of the slower bus and Mac OS X overhead (with all the cool stuff that it does). In my experience, the G4 still is a monster at crunching media files, especially the dual models. I have a dual 867 and it is a screamer; my students who have PCs at home just love that machine when doing Photoshop, Maya and Cinema 4D.

Mike Kaylor P.S. I have ordered three of the new machines this week: one dual-867MHz and two dual-gigahertz.

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