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Graphic Search. How many of us index the pictures we take? I know I dont, and finding that digital picture can be a pain if you take as many pictures as I often do. Intel showcased an application that would identify pictures with similar textures and colors. The demonstration was a search for a picture of a whales tale. The team showing the technology found another picture about water, in this case a young woman on a sail board, and then sampled the water sections of the image in three different areas. They then asked the application to find all similar pictures based on texture and color.
While the application did identify several pictures of Intel hardware as having the same texture and color of water, it also identified the correct picture. This was after going through several thousand shots.
Common Graphics Components. Theres a lot of redundant design work needed with modern products—from computer-aided design(CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing(CAM) of the product itself, to the creation of marketing and advertising layouts. If design components were standardized, they could be reused more effectively. With the right architecture, the CAD drawings of the components could be simply built into the end product and marketing could use the same components to showcase the finished offering. In software engineering, this strategy is called reuse and the practice has shown massive cost savings when used properly. If applied to graphic design and adopted by the industry, this technology could dramatically reduce the cost and time-to-market of related products. Making Engineers Creative. Creative Engineers sounds a lot like well-groomed programmers—nice to imagine, impossible to have. Often, people who work in one area have a great deal of difficulty finding solutions to some problems because the solution requires and expertise that they dont actually have. Engineers, in particular, have difficulty thinking outside of their training. For example, if you ever want to hear absolute silence, get a group of engineers in a room and ask them to "brainstorm." Youll probably hear fleas die of old age, the room will be so quiet.

The software application demonstrated by Intel looks at the technologies involved in a problem, and helps the engineer define the problem. It then mines a cross-discipline knowledge base to suggest paths that could be undertaken to find a solution. For instance, if a problem with building chips looked a lot like a problem that had been solved with drugs, the application would point to that drug-based answer as something that should be considered. Im not doing this system justice, because the most interesting feature is really the way the software breaks down the problem and engages the problem solver. For those that understand expert systems, this is one specifically targeted at finding creative solutions to difficult problems. Ive never seen an expert system targeted at this area before. Next Page: RFID for the Elderly

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