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What are the challenges of running code in the cloud?

One of the most important things is scalability, No. 1: Can you run it for a small company and a large company? Reliability: Can you keep it running 24/7? Can you achieve three-nines or four-nines or five-nines of availability? When we look at these basic ideas-reliability, scalability and interoperability-push it out to Eclipse, pull it back from Eclipse, this is really important, and these are new challenges.

When we started looking at it four or five years ago, we were like, "Whoa, we have to make sure we architect this correctly, that it's componentized, and that it's not only all of those things but that a customer can't break their own implementation, that it's basically in there and operating on that page or that object. But, if for some reason they didn't get it exactly right, it doesn't injure their whole instance or the whole application continues to run."

So there are a lot of new things to [consider when] running code in the cloud, and I think that we're doing a lot of smart things in terms of thinking through those things ahead of time.

What are some of the metrics for success that you're looking for in terms of

The key metrics for the developer community are, first and foremost, how many ISVs do we actually have building and delivering applications? How many applications do we have available? And, by market, by language, by geography, that's extremely important. I think what we talked about earlier-making sure those companies are making money, that they're successful and that they're viable organizations, that they're growing-all of those things are extremely important parts of building the platform ecosystem.

How much of the platform is already built, and how much more is there to go?

I think we're looking pretty good. If you look at a lot of the applications that are being developed already, we're really getting to the heart of the application development space, and I would love to have us benchmarked or reviewed against other tools, even traditional legacy tools. But, of course, there's always more to do, and we have a lot planned this year for the platform.



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