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: Be a technology asset"> "They didnt do it by getting an MBA, and they didnt do it by being an aloof IT worker and pointing a finger at everything business did wrong," said Lanzalotto. Other experts encourage IT professionals to see certain inevitabilities in offshore outsourcing and do all they can to position themselves out of harms way.
"Certain jobs will continue to go to cheaper labor markets. But other jobs, which are more client-facing, are less likely to move offshore. Companies see the value of having client-facing personnel," Dave Elchoness, a former IT outsourcing executive and founder of VRWorkplace, told eWeek. VRWorkplace is a Denver-based provider of virtual workplace solutions.
Elchoness said employees always have to think about where they can be of the most value to their companies, bringing something unique to their roles and keeping in mind that those with "a significant or specific business and industry knowledge are hard to replicate elsewhere." Step 4: Be a technology asset One of the clearest things, beyond bulking up business skills, IT professionals can do to ensure their future job security is to become assets to their organizations. Technology is as central to companies as ever, and its place in the business world will only increase over the next decade. Herein, analysts and recruiters said, exists the great opportunity for IT workers—to move beyond managing IT to becoming the go-to technology geniuses in their companies. Even the most technology-savvy employees can be inundated by their digital options within the workplace. "There are a lot of possibilities with collaboration right now, and its overwhelming, so people just stick with e-mail," Gartners Mann said. "IT could be providing solutions, consulting and facilitating and helping people make their jobs more efficient through IT." Recruiters call this "building your brand." "How do I develop the Jim Lanzalotto brand? I become someone who is known for being a particular resource to an organization, for fixing problems in your company or for being the person that someone turns to because they turn around bad situations," said Lanzalotto. Becoming the go-to person whom individuals within a company consult when they have a technology problem will deeply ingrain the IT professional in his or her company. Much of this involves staying ahead of the curve of new technology. If users are overwhelmed by collaboration software, simplify it for them. Become aware of the pitfalls and perks of social software, moving beyond seeing it as the IT enemy. Organizations have questions about these technologies and need tech-savvy employees to answer them. Page 5: IT Planner: 5 Steps to Better Job Security


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