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: Be the whole package"> "You need to leverage yourself for the wave of the future," Lanzalotto said. "For example … what you want to become is intertwined with the ecosystem of the technology. Over time, the more you can really start to leverage what you know and become a more networked person, the more job opportunities and job security youll have." Step 5: Be the whole package
It is difficult these days to discuss technology success stories without mentioning one of the biggest of all: Google.
The search giant doesnt just run its business in an unconventional manner—providing employees with free haircuts, on-site dry cleaning services and free transportation to work—it recruits differently, too. Unlike most organizations, Google makes a point to recruit not just for positions—such as a new systems administrator—but for a whole package: hybrid employees who can work in many roles. Other technology organizations are beginning to implement these practices as well. "CIOs are now instituting more interviews and including trials such as mock governance meetings to see how the IT professional holds up in these situations," Brady said. "Theyre checking them for the ability to play these hybrid roles. Theyre looking beyond the résumé." IT workers are increasingly expected to demonstrate a job capacity beyond IT and some business know-how. Organizations want to see how they fit in the big picture, and being able to show oneself as a multifaceted and valuable asset to a company is nearly a guarantee of job security. "Companies like Google and other new-economy companies are creating value propositions," Lanzalotto said. "Employees dont just create code. They start thinking about what the future business is for it. They dont make widgets." Check out eWEEK.coms Careers Center for the latest news, analysis and commentary on careers for IT professionals.


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