The New IT Benchmarks

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Since 2001, IT professionals have faced numerous setbacks, from the significant loss of jobs during the dot-com bust to cost-cutting measures that have led to the outsourcing of thousands of technology jobs. This has taken a toll on morale in many IT departments and has left CIOs longing for the days when their staffers were more enthusiastic about their field.

"[CIOs] want to see the enthusiasm of 10 years ago," said Alex Cullen, vice president and research director at Forrester Research. "They've got a layer of people that are being very flexible-that's their management ranks-and they've got a layer of people who have been very fixed in terms of what they do, and they're getting older. They're not as dynamic in terms of trying new things. CIOs want to rejuvenate their departments-it's not about youth but flexibility and an element of excitement."

While CIOs understand that they cannot wave a magic wand and make their employees thrilled to be there, they're hoping to find this energy among recent college graduates.

"Where they're looking for this is the new hiring pool-the less experienced, those in that one- to three-year range of experience," said Cullen.

Some CIOs are hoping to draw fresh faces and ideas into the IT department by bringing people in from other parts of the company.

"Some of them are looking in terms of improving the business/IT rotation-doing more with people on the business side to get them moving in and out-something we actually feel companies aren't doing enough of. But they're looking for new people in their organization who have that spark," said Cullen.


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