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By Deb Perelman  |  Posted 2007-11-01 Print this article Print

?"> "At the very minimum, it is a well-optimized page, with your resume or any other content that is relevant to you. Clearly, the more pages you have on your site that can create an optimization opportunity, the better," Anton Konikoff, CEO of Acronym Media, a New York based provider of search marketing solutions told eWEEK. Eventually, Google will catch up to this and determine it more closely related to the search query than less relevant results.
"Create content thats valuable to someone, somewhere, and attach your name to it. Once the Web decides that your content is more important and relevant than your embarrassing photo, Google should too," said McIndoe. 4. Ask Quests to wipe cyber-slates clean of embarrassing information are destined for failure, so most experts will recommend that you dont bother. You may not like that unflattering picture of you, but if you are unsuccessful in politely asking the sites Web master to take it down and it is not downright inaccurate or slanderous from a legal perspective, its going to stay. "This is the democratic nature of online content," explained Konikoff. "One should start of course by asking politely. If this doesnt work, there are other remedies available. But the best way is to displace the results by creating content that is relevant." Pursuing the obliteration of information that isnt illegal to have out there also bears other risks. "Unfortunately, requests for content removal to people in the blogosphere can also lead to retaliation if the authors felt the original contents were appropriate," Meyers said. 5. Explain Given the tedious steps involved in having inaccurate or slanderous information removed from Web sites, and the paltry likelihood that bad press or offensive information will delete itself, youd be surprised how often if you just explain your case from the get-go, interviewers will be forgiving. "We are all human and the person at the other end of the interview table has likely done something equally if not more embarrassing," said Meyers. In fact, handling the awkwardness before being confronted directly or quietly rejected because of it may be the just the thing that makes you memorable to an interviewer—in a good way. Editors Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly attributed statements made by User Effects Meyers to Sean McIndoe. Check out eWEEK.coms Careers Center for the latest news, analysis and commentary on careers for IT professionals.


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