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Category-defining aids for developing and deploying Web services make Microsofts long-awaited Visual Studio tool set update a must-see product—if only so that competing tool makers can assess the gaps and rough spots that leave room for more enterprise-ready alternatives.

SHORT-TERM BUSINESS IMPACT // No development shop should attempt to learn this whole thing at once. Any single element—new Visual Basic, new C#, new security APIs, new integrated modeling tools—would be noteworthy: The combined effect is overwhelming. Make a technology road map that reflects enterprise goals and learn VS .Net in pieces along the way.

LONG-TERM BUSINESS IMPACT // The high-level message of this product is that developers need to learn to write paranoid code. The naive optimism of stand-alone PC applications must be replaced by the wary rigor of secure, fault-tolerant distributed services: Evaluating and using appropriate infrastructure is at least as important as learning C# or mastering the minutiae of the .Net Framework.

PROS // Impressive ability to leverage developer skills toward Web services efforts.

CONS // Arduous learning curve for new security tools; some facilities demo well but may not bear up in large projects.

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