How to Evaluate Help Desk Software: Top 10 Considerations - Page 3

Consideration No. 4: Multilocation sharing

Early Internet-based applications functioned as "mainframes" with computations executed on a central server and then sent out to local client computers. This did not harness the local computer's processing power, resulting in inefficiencies caused by slower connections or bandwidth issues.

The best of both worlds can be brought to the service desk solution: the multilocation sharing of the Web and the client experience of Windows. Solutions using Microsoft's .Net programming environment allow fast business logic that is performed on local computer systems, allowing IT to tailor the right task to either a browser-based or client application-based solution.

Consideration No. 5: Low cost with high scalability and customization

Service desk solutions used to fit into three markets: small businesses under $25M in revenue, midmarket firms with $25M to $250M in revenue and large enterprise companies with more than $250M in revenue. Previously, only the enterprise-level companies could purchase customizable and scalable solutions without limitation. Software vendors understood the economics. Why chase five $50,000 deals when you can focus on one big $500,000 enterprise client? Technology allows a marriage of low cost with high scalability and customization, with solutions that are easy to install and maintain and inexpensive to customize.