How to Evaluate Help Desk Software: Top 10 Considerations - Page 5

Consideration No. 8: Serving the customer

Serving the customer should always be the focus of any software vendor. Great systems without customer care are not worth your time. From the initial receptionist contact through your sales contact, do you feel the company will proactively handle requests and problems? Could you get the CEO on the line for unresolved issues? Find a vendor that can guarantee their focus on providing you with a configurable product specific to your business environment.

Consideration No. 9: Pricing new help desk solutions

When you get to the pricing discussion for a new IT service desk solution, remember a golden rule: a complex pricing model means hidden costs. There are important questions you should ask. Does the system include all ITIL-related activities for incident, problem, change and configuration management? If not, are they available as expensive extra "modules"? How much does configuration and customization cost?

Ask the vendor to outline yearly fees for maintenance, support and solution updates. Remember, the line between "midmarket" and "enterprise" solutions is rapidly dissolving due to technological innovation. Don't pigeonhole your company into one type of solution.