BMC Aims to Ease Mainframe Management - Page 2

The current command line interface used to manage mainframe operating environment through IBMs Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) is far from intuitive, Guidry said. And other methods of simplifying the "green screen" interface, such as screen scraping, cant provide the same degree of intuitive interaction.

To provide such interaction, BMC created a run-time component system infrastructure using Simple Object Access Protocol and eXtensible Markup Language that allows system developers to access management functions through Web services.

Follow-on products in the System Advisor family include new Configuration Advisors and Application Advisors. Configuration Advisors, which will include some 20 new tools, will help system engineers to configure and administer the complexities of managing zSeries components.

The Application Advisors, which will include three new tools, will provide service-level management for z/OS applications. The tools will provide monitoring and measurement to track service levels for z/OS applications.

"They can tell you these are the thresholds you set, tell you are meeting your targets and if not, what to do about it. Next we want to map those service level agreements in technology terms to the business services those agreements cover," explained Guidry.

Separately, BMC made several enhancements to its Mainview mainframe operations line, including its Mainview for IP, Mainview AutoOPERATOR for OS/390, Mainview AutoOPERATOR for SAP High Availability and Mainview Storage Resource Manager.

The new MainView AutoOPERATOR for SAP High Availability combines Patrol for SAP with Mainview Unix System Services to monitor SAP processes running on the z/OS platform. In the event of an outage, it dynamically reactivates the processes on another system image. It includes a major new component, dubbed the Total Object Manager, which allows system programmers to manage divergent objects such as message queues, Unix processes and z/OS jobs, and to define the inter-relationships between those objects and ensure they are running in concert with each other.

Mainview for IP, which monitors and manages the availability, throughput and tuning of TCP/IP applications, adds the ability to prioritize the workloads being transmitted through an IP connection.