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NIST Mobile App Security

NIST Updating Recommendations for Mobile App Security

NEWS ANALYSIS: Security experts provide insight on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) revised guidance for how organizations can better secure mobile applications.
Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony Unveils Midrange Xperia XA2 Plus Smartphone

Despite Sony packing the phone with a broad set of features, analysts believe it will be a tough sell in the U.S., where high-end phones are in greater demand.

Cloud Constellation, SpaceChain Partner for Storage in Space

SpaceBelt’s data security as a service and SpaceChain’s blockchain-based satellite network soon to bring new infrastructure for cryptocurrency security, data storage.
Android O Developers Release

Microsoft Intune EMM Locks Down Specialized Android Devices

Administrators can now use the company's enterprise mobile management system to manage Android-based ticket scanners, point-of-sale systems and other specialized devices.

Apple Releases macOS 10.13.6 and iOS 11.4.1 Security Updates

Apple improves iOS security with USB Restricted Mode and hardens macOS against a new class of meltdown and spectre CPU vulnerabilities.

How Samsung Galaxy S9 Stacks Up for Business Use

PRODUCT ANALYSIS: Why Samsung's S9 may be a better choice for use in the workplace than all of its competitors.

Federal Government Begins Work on T-Mobile–Sprint Merger

REGULATORY ANALYSIS: The Federal Communications Commission forms a task force while the Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings on the plans by T-Mobile and Sprint, the nation’s third and fourth wireless carriers to merge.
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Unveiling Its Latest Note 9 Premium Smartphone on Aug. 9

In a teaser email invitation received by eWEEK, Samsung said it will announce its latest Galaxy Note premium phone, which includes a stylus.

How to WPA3 Can Boost Your Organization's Wireless Security

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Wi-Fi Alliance began certifying products for WPA3 this week, which will lead to wireless communications that are easier to set up and are more secure.

How The Trade Desk Uses AI to Find 'Perfect' Impressions for Advertisers

Data-driven insights and new-gen features ostensibly can deliver better planning, smarter buying and stronger performance for brands and agencies.

Next-Generation WPA3 WiFi Security Standard Launches

The Wi-Fi Alliance announces the official launch of WPA3, providing wireless users with enhanced personal and enterprise security capabilities.

T-Mobile, Sprint Claim in Merger Plans They Can Quickly Deploy 5G

NEWS ANALYSIS: In their filing, T-Mobile and Sprint say they will provide far better wireless coverage than either could do on its own, provide fast nationwide service make an aggressive play for enterprise customers.

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