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Predictions 2018: Random Thoughts on AI, DevOps and Other Topics

In doing this series, we’re reflecting the knowledge and depth of field that our readers have in sectors all over the IT business. These are your stories, not ours.

Apple's iPhone Performance Throttling Stirs Debate in User Community SLIDESHOW

Apple's acknowledgement that it used software updates to throttle back iPhone performance as a way to boost battery life has stirred a debate among owners about whether the company really had users' best interests in mind.
Haven app

Guardian Project Debuts Haven Security App to Protect Personal Privacy

The Freedom of the Press Foundation joins with the Guardian Project to develop the Haven Android app that can help protect personal spaces by using sensors on Android devices that detect potential intruders.

CES Preview: OWC Launches Fast New Storage Drives for Macs

New Thunderbolt external and mobile drives, dock and display adapters will be introduced at CES next month.
Android Mobile Device Management

Google Pushes for Adoption of Newer Android Device Management APIs

Enterprises using legacy Google mobile device management capabilities should transition to newer ones, company says.
iPhone Aging Battery Performance

Apple Says Older iPhones Running Slower to Adjust to Aging Batteries

Apple confirmed that it released a feature in 2016 for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE models that adjusts device performance to smooth out power consumption depending on operating conditions and battery age.
Microsoft Pix Photo AI

Photosynth Returns as a Feature in Microsoft's Pix App

Photosynth is back, this time as a new picture-taking feature in the Microsoft Pix application that can be used to capture an entire scene.

Predictions 2018: How Chatbots, AI Will Lead CX to New Heights

The IT consumer experience is becoming a big, "friendly" business. You will "friend" companies online and talk to them as though they are your personal acquaintences.

With Nokia 9 HMD Global Aims to Restore Luster to Mobile Brand Name SLIDESHOW

Mobile market rumors suggest that HMD Global will design its next smartphone model, the Nokia 9, with enough advanced features to compete with high-end handsets such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy handsets.

Google to Start Requiring Developers to Produce 64-Bit Android Apps

| Updated
UPDATED: Over the next 18 months, Android developers need to ensure their apps are 64-bit and support latest versions of Google's mobile operating system, company says.

Predictions 2018: Cars Steal Mobility Innovation Thunder from Smartphones

Vehicles now appear to be the mobile innovation platform of choice as smartphones begin to level off in terms of new functionality.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Smartphones to Take on Midrange Android Rivals SLIDESHOW

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy A8, the latest edition of its moderately priced smartphone line that will come with a repositioned fingerprint scanner in the rear and will a dual-lens front-facing camera.

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