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Google Glass Health Care

Google Glass Enterprise Going to Work in Factories, Hospitals

After a long testing cycle Google concluded more than two years ago that the consumer market wasn't ready for Google Glass. Now it's making a comeback as an enterprise tool.
Daily Tech Briefing July 20

Global Growth of Smartphone Sales Continues to Decline VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Global growth for smartphone sales will shrink to single digits by 2022; IBM reports its 21st straight quarter of diminishing revenue; reports say Fujitsu and Huawei are developing artificial intelligence chips; and there's more.
Google Glass enterprise

Google Glass Enterprise Edition Turns on the Corporate Appeal SLIDESHOW

Google Glass is back—although just for the enterprise. Here's how companies big and small can use Google Glass Enterprise Edition to improve corporate efficiency.

Global Growth for Smartphone Sales to Shrink to Single Digits by 2022

A new Forrester Research forecast also found that larger smartphones are cutting into the sales of tablets around the world.

10 Reasons Why This Isn't a Good Time to Buy a Smartphone SLIDESHOW

Smartphones are selling briskly, but it might make sense to pause a few weeks to get a look at the new crow of handsets that are due to arrive with the approaching fall.
Vertu Liquidation

Vertu Luxury Smartphone Maker Founded by Nokia Shutting Down

Selling expensive jewel-encrusted, high-style smartphones turned out to be unprofitable for the Vertu a British company that was founded in 1998 by Nokia.
iPhone in enterprise 2

Samsung Galaxy Prices Will Prevent Apple From Selling $1,200 iPhones

NEWS ANALYSIS: A blogger's prediction that Apple plans to price the new iPhone 8 at nearly double the base price of current iPhones would place the new devices out of reach of most customers.
Sprint Logo

Sprint Upgrade Programs Extended to All Smartphones in its Inventory

While Sprint has offered annual upgrades on iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones in the past, now any smartphone the mobile carrier sells is eligible.

Mobile Market Report Suggests Apple to Price Latest iPhones at $1,200

Mobile market analysts debate the plausibility of a recent blogger report that prices for new iPhone models that Apple will likely introduce in September will start at $1,200.
Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business Takes a Road Trip in BMW 5 Series Cars

Microsoft and BMW are making it possible to participate in Skype meetings even if drivers are stuck in bumper-to-bumper-traffic.

Microsoft Enables Faster Account-Switching on Outlook Mobile

Users of Microsoft's mobile email client on iOS can now switch between accounts and reply to busy email threads faster.
Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft Puts Windows Phone 8.1 out to Pasture

Microsoft says it is no longer supporting the smartphone operating system, which was the company used to introduce users to the Cortana virtual assistant.

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