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HP Launches New Zero Client for VMware and Amazon Workspaces

HP's t310 Zero Client is aimed at VMware and Amazon Workspaces deployments; Teradici management tools can be used for updates and device monitoring.
Network Switches

Arista Suspends Imports of Switches in Dispute with Cisco

UPDATED: Company officials are hopeful the U.S. trade regulators will put the import suspension on hold while Arista continues its appeals.
White Box Network Gear

AT&T Says White Box Switches Essential to Network Transformation

Company officials say the carrier’s move to a software-centric infrastructure will rely in large part on using such open networking gear.
Video Conference

Owl Labs Uses 360° Camera, AI in Video Conferencing Device

Meeting Owl provides inclusive experience for remote workers with simultaneous intelligent focus on active speakers and a panoramic view of the room.
Cisco logo

Cisco Bolsters Hardware, Software to Support Internet of Things Growth

At Cisco Live, the vendor rolls out enhanced and new products aimed at accelerating IoT projects.
IoT Business Transformation

How Cisco Jasper Removes Obstacles to IoT Implementations

Updated enterprise IoT platform can accelerate IoT initiatives for businesses at any stage and demonstrates integration of existing Cisco products and services.
Network Cloud Infrastructure

Cisco, Apple Extend Mobile-Networking Partnership into Security

The two companies say they are promoting an effort to reduce cyber-security insurance premiums for enterprises that use their products.
Daily Tech Briefing June 22

New Cisco Network Can Recognize Intent, Mitigate Threats VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Does Cisco now have a network that can read admins' minds?; Google aggregates listings on the web in a new job search service; Lenovo activates the world's largest Intel-based supercomputer in Barcelona; and there's more.

Does Cisco Now Have a Network That Can Read Admins' Minds?

Cisco’s all-new network ostensibly can recognize intent, mitigate threats through encryption and learn over time, enabling admins to handle millions of connections.

Going Smart: The Best Smart Devices for the Home SLIDESHOW

The “smart home” has become big business, with larger firms joining the space, making choosing the right product more difficult. Here is a guide to the best smart-home products available.

Internet Traffic and Users to Skyrocket by 2021, Cisco Forecasts SLIDESHOW

Cisco's Visual Networking Index predicts that there will be 3.3 zettabytes of IP traffic traversing the internet per year and 4.6 billion internet users by 2021.
internet traffic

Internet of Things, Video Driving Internet Traffic, Cisco Says

By 2021, global internet traffic will jump to 3.3 zettabytes, with emerging technologies like SD-WAN, virtual reality and augmented reality growing.

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