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Digital Realty Adds Direct Access to Oracle Cloud in 14 Metros

Private-access internet services like this are extremely difficult for hackers to access, thus the major reason for having them in the first place: They are 99 (or more) percent secure.

Why Edge Computing Market Will Grow 30 Percent by 2022

Increasing numbers of big-data workloads and the rise of real-time computing have slowed production in the cloud; conventional architectures have been unable to meet future demand. Edge computing is coming to the rescue.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 18, 2018

Resolution to Overturn FCC Net Neutrality Vote Gains More Support VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: U.S. lawmakers and state attorneys move to overturn the FCC neutrality vote; BlackBerry Jarvis scans for security flaws in autonomous car software; Google will deploy three new undersea cables for cloud infrastructure; and there's more.
Net Neutrality Ruling

U.S. Lawmakers, State Attorneys Move to Overturn FCC Neutrality Vote

NEWS ANALYSIS: A call for congressional review of the Federal Communications Commission decision to undo the 2015 reclassification of internet services to Title II has gained the support of 50 U.S. senators and more than 80 representatives.

Facebook Now Prioritizing Friends' Posts Over News Items

NEWS ANALYSIS: The social network believes that brands and news are "crowding out" personal interactions. Thus, its algorithms are now more heavily pre-editing the information Facebook presents to you.
Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Responds to Alexa, Google Assistant Challenge to Cortana

Microsoft enlists Qualcomm and Synaptics as Cortana reference design partners and set sights on more smart speakers and IoT devices to show that its digital assistant remains competitive in the field.
Cisco ETA

How Cisco Uses Machine Learning for Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Cisco makes its Encrypted Traffic Analytics offering generally available in an effort to respect privacy, while still helping organizations stay secure.

CES: Cisco Demonstrates New Multi-Cloud Video Management

Cisco is showing service providers its new Infinite Video Platform, a package that utilizes a virtual cloud stack to deliver what the company describes as “best-in-class, secured video experiences” to all consumer devices from one platform.

CES: Cisco 'Unlocks' Broadband for ISPs

Networker institutes consumption-based pricing that enables cable operators to improve the economics for high-speed broadband services.

Value of Data Center M&A Deals Jumped to $20 Billion in 2017

The largest transaction in the year was Digital Realty’s $7.6 billion acquisition of DuPont Fabros, but there were four other deals that were valued at $1 billion or more.

IT Science Case Study: Solving High-Volume Email Issues

How SendGrid updated its platform to become cloud-native on Amazon Web Services in an effort to pass along savings and efficiencies to its customers.

Predictions 2018: Automation Will Dominate Network Innovation

As the internet gets increasingly more fragile, automation--as it is in most other IT categories--becomes a big factor in making it run more efficiently. Cisco Systems will be deploying its new intent-based networking (IBN) approach.

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