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Kingsnake.com Is Classic Small-to-Small E-commerce

The most popular pet-related Web site during the week of Dec. 14 was not Petco or PetsMart, according to the traffic trackers at 100hot.com.

IBM Ships eServer z900

IBM has begun shipping the eServer z900, which it calls the "reinvented mainframe" and the successor to its popular S/390 line.

Getting Down to the Truth

As we enter 2001, an obvious gap between past fantasy and present reality is our lack of computers that care about telling the truth.

Scan the Skies for Gathering Clouds

Sometimes the first cloud that appears in the sky is just a random cloud. Other times, it heralds a downpour soon to follow. So, events sometimes make only modest news impact at a given moment but later loom large in importance.

Chip Advancements are Outpacing PC Parts

Seeking to feed a perceived need for speed, Intel Corp. and IBM last week touted microprocessor advances that will result in chips that are capable of setting new speed records.

IBM KM Plan Looks Beyond Lotus Raven

While questions abound as to whether Lotus Development Corp.'s forthcoming Raven knowledge management offering will fly in the enterprise, technology buyers need look no further than Lotus' parent company, IBM, for answers.

Geekspeak: December 18, 2000

In director Stanley Kubrick's prescient "2001: A Space Odyssey," Kubrick and collaborator Arthur C. Clarke envisioned a spacecraft the length of a football field with a master computer that knew the condition of every system on board.

PC Slump Leaves Vendors Up in Air

Downturn looks open-ended in '01.

Plans You Can Put Stock In

Gee, I guess we've bought all the PCs and workstations we'll ever need.

PKI Tells Who Goes There?

Baltimore masters policies; Entrust is well-rounded; RSA client shines; VeriSign tops at outsourcing

Intel to Take On TI in the DSP Space

Intel Corp. will launch a new processor this week, but unlike the company's more recent chip launches, this product will likely face an uphill climb for acceptance.

Calling lost laptops: Please phone home

Try as he may to secure telecommuters' systems, Gerry Cullen, director of special projects at Detroit Diesel-Allison BC Ltd., in Vancouver, British Columbia, knows there's only so much he can do to keep corporate secrets from walking away when a company l
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