Catching Up With the Times

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-05-07

Companies looking to migrate their business off the legacy ADW application development platform now have help.

Relativity Technologies Inc., whose products help companies move from under-supported platforms, late last month released RescueWare for ADW, the latest iteration of its flagship tool. The product will allow companies to move from ADW—originally developed by KnowledgeWare Corp.—to more standardized platforms.

RescueWare for ADW produces COBOL components from ADW design models and then transforms them into modern languages and platforms, including Java, C++, Visual Basic and Computer Associates International Inc.s Cool:Gen, according to officials with Relativity, based in Research Triangle Park, N.C. Among the burdens associated with ADW are a lack of support, high maintenance costs and no future development.

Relativitys products help companies move from dying 4-GL languages and computer-aided software engineering tool environments, which include ADW, Seer HPS and Natural/Adabas.

RescueWare for ADW is available now, starting at $25,000 per workstation.

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