RAD Upgrade Aimed at Net

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-01-29

Neuvis Inc. has released a new version of its rapid application development software tailored for the Internet.

NeuArchitect 3.0 is a tightly integrated set of visual modeling tools that lets developers quickly design, build and deploy complex e-business applications.

NeuArchitect uses visual modeling tools and preselected menus to create business objects, user interfaces and other pieces of applications and automatically generates roughly 85 percent of the code required. The product also allows the architecture of an application to be easily adapted for different formats, for example, from HTML to Wireless Application Protocol, officials in Shelton, Conn., said. New features in this version include database reverse engineering, automated deployment to IBMs WebSphere 3.5 application server and message encryption.

Pricing is $7,500 for Professional Edition and $15,000 for Enterprise Edition. NeuArchitect is also sold on a subscription basis, starting at $3,999 per year.

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