Storage Digest: News from Xiotech, NEC, Promise Technology, NeoPath Networks

By Karen Schwartz  |  Posted 2005-08-09
NeoPath Networks announces a new network file management solution and partners with SANZ; ARIO Data introduces 4GB Fibre Channel-to-Fibre Channel RAID controller; Xiotech certifies the SilkWorm 4100; NEC adds Promise SATA RAID 5 to Express5800 server; and Promise Technologys SATA RAID controllers earn SUSE Linux certification.

  • NeoPath Networks Announces Network File Management Appliance for Tiered Storage Environments

    NeoPath Networks of Mountain View, Calif., has announced the FD-220 File Director, a network file management appliance that provides real-time file characterization, policy-based file management, file migration and namespace virtualization for transparency.

    The FD-220 File Director allows a system administrator to migrate a full directory or individual files between file servers during any condition, including when files are in use.

    The appliance also allows users to understand their file usage patterns and automatically align active and static data with appropriate storage resources, according to CEO Alan Baratz.

    Along with the FD-220 File Director, NeoPath Networks also announced that it has partnered with consulting and integration firm SANZ of Englewood, Colo., to deliver NeoPaths File Director appliances to its customers.

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  • ARIO Unveils 4GB Per Second External RAID Controller

    ARIO Data Networks Inc. of San Jose, Calif., has announced a 4GB per second external RAID controller designed to allow OEMs to create modular Fibre Channel external storage systems for entry and mid-level deployments.

    The SANARIO FC, which comes with two 4GB disk drive interfaces that can connect up to 110 Fibre Channel disk drives, offers dual 4GB host support, offering dual active/active operations and controller failover/failback.

    The controller also supports point-to-point, full fabric and arbitrated loop configurations to the host and is backward-compatible with 3GB and 1GB technology.

    It also incorporates both host-to-LUN mapping and host-to-LUN masking.

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  • NEC Adds Promise SATA RAID 5 to Express5800 Server

    NEC Corp. has announced that its Express5800 series servers now can be ordered with the FastTrak SX4100 Serial ATA (SATA) RAID controller from Promise Technology Inc. of Milpitas, Calif.

    The availability of the FastTrak technology expands NECs use of FastTrak technology. The server has been available with the FastTrak S150 TX4 RAID 0/1/10 HBA (host bus adapter) as a standard configuration option for some time.

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  • Xiotech Certifies, Will Resell SilkWorm 4100

    Xiotech Corp. of Eden Prairie has certified and will resell the SilkWorm 4100 Fibre Channel switch from Brocade Communications Systems Inc. with its Magnitude 3D network storage solutions.

    The combination of technologies, aimed at midsize businesses, provides high availability and performance, and makes the transition to 4GB per second systems less painful, according to Mike Stolz, Xiotechs vice president of marketing.

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  • Promises SuperTrak Certified for SuSE Linux

    The SuperTrak EX8350 3GB per second SATA (Serial ATA) RAID controller from Promise Technology Inc. of Milpitas, Calif., has been certified with Novells SuSE Linux Enterprise Server Service Pack 2.

    The EX8350 is an eight-port SATA RAID controller designed for RAID 6 data protection and PCI-Express bus connectivity.

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