Karen Schwartz

Midmarket Companies Search for Networking, Dev Skills

According to a recent report from the Computing Technology Industry Association, companies with between 100 and 1,000 employees generally have completed their basic infrastructure-hardware, software and networking-and are ready...

When to License, Rent or Outsource

So, a company has decided to invest in a new customer relationship management or enterprise resource planning system. Should it go the traditional route and license the system? Should...

How to Secure VOIP Systems

When it comes to voice over IP, progress is a double-edged sword.The technology offers a host of benefits, from lower calling costs and greater mobility to advanced functions like...

Demystifying Online Backup

Traditionally, companies have backed up their own data, on-site, with software and hardware purchased on their own. Although that's still a good approach, it's often best suited to large...

$100K Tech Makeover Inspiring Big Dreams

One small business is about to find out just how far $100,000 will go toward improving its business.The three finalists in Microsoft's Total Technology Makeover contest are vying for...

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