Radware Teams on Secure VPNs

By Matt Carolan  |  Posted 2002-04-03

Radware Ltd., Pyramid Computer Systeme and CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. announced on Tuesday a new joint solution providing high-availability, secure, Gigabit VPNs.

The new offering will combine Radwares FireProof Security Application Switch, originally released in February, with Pyramid Computers "Charlie" brand Linux enterprise servers. These servers include Check Points VPN-1/FireWall-1.

Radware officials described the bundled solution as a "best-of-breed" offering.

The new offering will secure and optimize firewall and VPN traffic in a high throughput environment, Radware officials said, supporting over 2 Gbps throughput for firewall traffic and over 1Gbps throughput of VPN traffic, and offering virtually unlimited simultaneous sessions.

At the front end of the hardware device, the FireProof system provides an additional layer of security, by scanning for over 450 DoS attack signatures, said Michael Rothschild, marketing product manager for Radware. "What essentially that allows us to do is filter out the traffic, so the firewalls and the IDSs [Intrusion Detection Devices] or whatever other anti-virus and anti-attack devices dont have to listen to all that traffic. Instead they do what they do best is to find the more sophisticated attacks," he said.

There are two FireProof Switches available, 1 and 2, distinguished by performance power.

Multiple configuration and throughput options determine pricing, said Radware officials. The new offering is available immediately.

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