Intel Joins Roster of Virtual Iron Investors

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2005-09-26

Chip maker Intel, through its investment arm, Intel Capital, has joined the list of investors in Virtual Iron, whose technology is designed to enable data-center-level virtualization.

Intel Capital led several other investors in Virtual Irons $8.5 million Series C capital campaign.

Intel and Virtual Iron have also entered into a collaboration agreement in which Virtual Iron products will work with Intels upcoming chip-level virtualization technology.

Virtual Irons VFe creates a virtualized environment in which server, storage and network resources can be viewed as a single pool. In addition, the product offers tools for automating tasks.

Intel plans to incorporate virtualization into future generations of its processors, starting next year.

The move is part of Intels plans for improving the performance of its processors through embedded technologies rather than by simply cranking up speed.

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