Magnum Extends Network Visibility

By Paula Musich  |  Posted 2006-05-24

Larger networks with multiple firewalls often leave black holes in a network managers visibility into portions of a corporate network beyond a campus firewall.

Magnum Technologies, which provides a correlation adjunct to network management frameworks like HPs OpenView and IBMs NetView, will boost that visibility by as much as 75 percent in the latest release of its Coordinator discovery and correlation tool.

Coordinator 5.0, to be launched May 26, is used with event managers like OpenView that poll devices for their availability. It allows for discovery, monitoring and event correlation for Layer 3 switches, rather than just Layer 2 switches, according to CTO Tim Hadden in Minneapolis, Minn.

"We interrogate much deeper than our competitors on switch correlation. Well pinpoint the root cause [of a problem], open a trouble ticket and say heres the effect of the outage," said Hadden.

The tool competes with an OpenView utility that allows users to manually code static circuits that allow for correlation of events from across multiple network segments separated by firewalls. It also competes with a similar tool from Tavve Software.

To read more about correlation and root cause analysis, click here.

The new release also extends Coordinators visibility across multiple campus networks, eliminating the requirement to buy add-on tools for creating topology links between those separate campus networks.

Also new in the 5.0 release is the ability to correlate events generated by multi-homed network devices even if IP forwarding is not present.

Release 5.0 is due out by the end of May.

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