Clearer View of Performance

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-09-24

WAN managers trying to peer into the performance of Packet-over-SONET links have had little visibility. NetScout Systems Inc., of Westford, Mass., plans to change that with its latest probe, which gathers real-time utilization and performance data on Packet-over-Synchronous Optical Networks.

nGenius Probe 9300 monitors OC-3 and OC-12 Packet-over-SONET links and the IP applications that traverse those links. RMON (remote monitoring) and RMON 2 data gathered by the probe is presented via the nGenius reporting suite.

As network operators work to make the most out of WAN links, many are moving to Packet over SONET, which provides greater efficiencies than cell-based asynchronous transfer mode networks.

nGenius Probe is available starting at $30,000.

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