Payphones Jammed In New York City

By Matt Carolan  |  Posted 2001-09-11

New Yorkers are jamming payphones on the streets of Manhattan in an effort to reach loved ones in the wake of a terrorist attack that has left cell phone networks crippled.

Local media outlets are broadcasting images of dozens of people lining up on the streets of lower Manhattan, the area in which the World Trade attacks took place, to make phone calls to family, friends and coworkers.

Many other New Yorkers tried in vain to dial their cell phones, apparently unaware of the breakdown of the networks, due to damage or overload.

Many local radio news reporters, who usually report on cell phone, were reporting via payphone, with some interrupted at times by requests for additional money to continue service.

Cell phone networks have been directly affected by the destruction at the World Trade Center, a major communications hub.

More to follow.

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